Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kill Switch Installation...

Since the new battery was drained overnight by some unknown demon in the wiring system, I'll install a kill switch between the battery wire and the fuse block. Turn off the key switch and the kill switch and the battery should remain fully charged.

I put the battery on the charger while I was installing the kill switch and while I was at it I hid as much of my addition to the wiring as I could, routing it in some of that plastic (wire loom) stuff.

Then I ventured out for an evening ride... and as I passed the ABC Harley dealership some evil spirit of a dead Harley rider broke my headlight off. I pulled over and rigged up the headlight, which happened to be dangling by the new wiring harness. Back home I go, to find out that the mounting bracket had been cracked for some time, and snapped from the extra vibration it's received lately.

I spent the next few hours fabricating a bracket. Trying to use the existing mounting holes, which worked fairly well, but I scrapped the idea of duplicating the existing mounting bracket and simplified things by using one single piece of angle iron. Two holes on one side of the angle to mount the bracket, and one hole in the center of the adjacent side of the piece of angle to attach the swivel bracket for the lamp.

It's shortly after sunset and I'm off again to test the headlight in the dark and make any adjustments as I go. The ride was short, too many factors to adjust and the headlamp won't stay tight, so I'll head home and finish this up when I get home tomorrow.

I promised to deliver some wheel dollies to Walt tomorrow, since I forgot to get them Thursday night and couldn't deliver them Friday. So I have to drive the truck...

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